Zoom and Alternative Collaboration Technologies

As we work collectively from disparate locations and in alternate ways, we often prefer applications and approaches that are most familiar. ITS and Information Security strongly encourage the use of centrally contracted and supported software and services, wherever possible, for university activities.  These have been selected specifically for use at the university, ITS monitors them for security issues, and we are better able to provide help should that be needed.  We do recognize the desire to use tools, such as Zoom, rather than supported alternatives.  While it is not advocated that you use unsupported tools, it is not prohibited either.  If an individual chooses to employ a tool such as Zoom, then it is their responsibility to ensure that it is done in a safe and responsible manner.  Helpful information on the secure use of Zoom can be found here:


We are requesting that you share this information with your constituents as needed so that they might better protect themselves.  It should be noted that all confidential or protected institutional data must continue to be stored on University supported resources.