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Duo: Sound the Alarm

Users play a crucial role in defending against cybercriminals. When your password is stolen, a hacker will try to use it to gain unauthorized, criminal access to University protected systems and information. Duo serves as a second line of defense, but only with your help. Hackers will attempt to trick you into authenticating a login on their behalf.  We’re sharing common attacks to be aware of, how to detect them, and what to do if you are subject to an attack.
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Tax Season Phishing Scams

Tax season is upon us, making it an opportune time for scammers to attempt to defraud you. Cybercriminals frequently disguise themselves as Payroll offices/officials by sending emails that contain calls for action, such as requests for you to verify tax information, update direct deposit accounts, print and cash checks, and/or visit a website that is not owned by UConn or the State.
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