Mobile Device Security Configuration

Beginning March 4, 2013, mobile devices* accessing the University Exchange Mail Server will need to be configured with certain security settings before access is granted.

Reasons for Change:

  • To protect University data stored on mobile devices, as required in the University’s Access Control Policy:
  • To address recent industry trends to which point to mobile devices as the top target for security threats in 2013.

After March 4, 2013, if you use your Android, Apple, or Windows mobile device* to access the UConn Exchange Mail Server, you will be prompted with the following additional security settings (if not already in use):

  • Set a numeric four digit passcode/password to unlock your mobile device.
    1. Android users will NOT be able to use the “pattern” option for screen locking.
    2. Passwords will NOT be recoverable so choose something you’ll remember.
    3. Mobile device will lock after five minutes of inactivity (This setting will be set automatically and is the default. However, you can manually adjust  the time allotment on your mobile device up to 60 minutes (Passcode Lock for iOS devices or Lock phone after for  Android devices.)).

For those who use a personal device to access the UConn Exchange mail server, and choose to remove the mail account from their device so as to not be affected, reference the link below for instructions.


* Apple devices affected include:  iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

* Android devices affected include: phones and tablets.

BlackBerry device affected is the BlackBerry 10.

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