UConn Higher Education and Opportunity Act

On October 29, 2009, the Department of Education issued final regulations to address unauthorized file sharing on campus networks.

UConn developed a plan to meet these requirements by implementing the following controls:

  1. The University maintains IP address records and mappings to user activity.
  2. Upon receipt of copyright infringement notices, we query the database and forward the notifications to that individual.
  3. The University regularly reviews its policies, procedures and controls to ensure systems are functioning as expected.

The best way you can help UConn comply with these final regulations and assist us in combating copyright abuse on campus is to become informed about file sharing, including peer-to-peer file sharing activities, and become familiar with the University’s Acceptable Use Policy found at Individual Responsibilities with Respect to Appropriate Use of IT Resources.   A comprehensive list of legal downloading alternatives may be found at EDUCAUSE – Legal Downloading sites.

Unauthorized distribution of copyright material may result in civil and criminal penalties.  More information about copyright violations and associated fines can be found at Chapter 5 – Copyright Law of the United States of America. Refer to section 506 – Criminal Offenses for penalties.  In addition to these penalties, students may also be cut off from federal student aid funds.