Certificate Update Testing – login.uconn.edu

The login.uconn.edu certificate will be replaced with a SHA-2 certificate on Wednesday, December 3rd.

One of the four login servers (cas0.uits.uconn.edu) has been modified to serve the SHA-2 InCommon certificate, so that you may test your application/server’s compliance. To be able to test with cas0.uits.uconn.edu, you must modify the hosts file on your server as well as the workstation you plan to conduct the test on (so that the browser is directed to cas0). This will modify both machines local DNS, so that cas0.uits.uconn.edu will appear as login.uconn.edu. The line below should be appended to the host file on both machines.       login.uconn.edu

Once the hosts file has been modified on both machines, log in to your application to test for compatibility. Please remember to close your browser completely between tests. If you are able to successfully log into your application, you are compliant. You can verify that you are connecting to the proper server by checking the certificate signer. The new certificate will be signed by InCommon.

If you are unable to successfully log into the application, please contact Dylan Marquis (dylan.marquis@uconn.edu), Mike Lang (mike.lang@uconn.edu) or the UITS Helpcenter (helpcenter@uconn.edu).