Business Continuity Recovery Services/Disaster Recovery (BCRS/DR)

ITS maintains infrastructure and delivers applications critical to the daily operation of the University of Connecticut.  ITS, in cooperation with our business partners, have established and successfully tested disaster recovery procedures for the following critical (Tier1) applications and services:

  • HuskyCT
  • Peoplesoft Student Administration
  • Kuali (KFS, Kuali Rice)
  • Aurora
  • Email

To provide recovery services, ITS has a Business Continuity Recovery Services/Disaster Recovery (BCRS/DR) contract in place with IBM.  Our current strategy and service level provides a 48-hour recovery window at an IBM BCRS/DR facility.

After months of intense analysis and planning by ITS and its business partners, the first BCRS/DR test of Tier 1 applications took place in June of 2015 at the IBM Sterling Forest facility in New York.

In an effort to streamline future recovery efforts and reduce the application recovery points ITS has invested in Actifio:  Actifio will replicate data electronically to the IBM facility and enable improvements in our disaster recovery time.

Existing documentation related to our disaster recovery efforts are located here:

Disaster Recovery Master Plan

ITS is constantly evaluating and modifying our BCRS/DR strategy to incorporate new technology and processes which ensure access to Tier 1 applications in the shortest amount of time.