University of Connecticut

InCommon SSL Certificates

In response to the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, UConn technical staff may replace potentially affected certificates at no departmental cost by using the UITS fully subsidized InCommon Certificate Service. This service allows us to generate, for all UConn domains, an unlimited number of SSL certificates that are validated by a trusted Certificate Authority. This expanded institutional relationship with InCommon decreases administrative overhead and reduces costs to departments.

Certificate types available include SSL, extended validation, client (personal), and code signing certificates.

Technical staff from schools, colleges, and departments can be granted abilities to manage certificates for the sub domains under their control.  Please request access by contacting Once a certificate has been requested by an authorized user, the certificate will be issued within 24 to 72 hours; a notification email will be sent automatically to the certificate requester.

Login to the certificate manager 

Due to high load on the certificate granting system, issuance time may be delayed.

More information: InCommon certificates